Is Yoga Essential Or Is It Just For Fun?

Yoga is one of the meditation activities that has become popular recently. Many people are interested in yoga, irrespective of profession or social class. While most people do it for fun, yoga has so many benefits and it is quite essential for normal livelihood. This is a practice that dates back 5000 years and has its roots in native India. The fact that it combines both meditation and exercise is what makes it ideal for many people.

Everyone who has had a taste of yoga never looks back. There are so many people who attend yoga classes consistently, and you may wonder why attending yoga sessions regularly is so important. Recent studies show that over 15 million people in America include a specific type of yoga in their exercise routines. This is the main reason why almost 80% of all health clubs in America offer yoga classes. It is also the driving force behind the emergence of so many new yoga apparel brands.

Why Go for Yoga?

As mentioned earlier, there are all sorts of reasons why people choose to go for yoga. There are those who consider yoga to be a fitness activity and will use it to have the perfect body shape. In other cases, yoga is used to relieve stress and help one feel better by restoring their troubled minds and bodies. Many experts say that yoga can cure any type of disorder in the body as long as one is able to master it.

At one point, Oprah Winfrey showed millions of viewers the amazing benefits of laughter yoga on her show. The show was graced by yogis who had all sorts of testimonials. Some had quit smoking, others overcame their fears, others were able to regain their sleep, and others said that yoga helped their relationships. Clearly, there is so much that is yet to be unraveled about yoga.

What is the Power behind Yoga?

There are so many schools of thought that have tried to explain yoga, but none seem to have succeeded completely. People keep asking if yoga can be applied by medical doctors and if it measures up to the medical standards. With all the presumed benefits of yoga, one may be left to wonder whether it is a science or an art. There is a whole lot of difference between the traditional yoga and what the modern society has turned it into. In the past, this was more inclined to spirituality and the life forces. However, in the western world, this is considered to be a philosophical issue, which most people will do as a meditation activity.

While the native Indians believed that yoga could cure all problems, the modern society thinks of it as a meditation and fitness program. Yoga is holistic and is well-mastered, it can help in curing not only the mind but also the body. This goes beyond physical fitness, and the fact that it has so many benefits makes it an essential practice. You should try to draw all the benefits of yoga by following all the guidelines and improving daily.

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